More than a digital menu

Allfred brings the digital menu system to the next level with its options to easily edit your products, give detailed authorizations to your employees, reflect the personality of your brand with themes, and with multi-language options and many other features.

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*1-month free trail - no credit card required.

Announce your events to everyone

Announce your events such as concerts, parades, and interviews to your guests through your menu.

Editing products is so easy now!

Edit your products with one click. Easily change their order using the Drag-Drop method. Remove them from the menu or update their price whenever you want.

Multi-company and branch management

With Allfred, you can manage your business and all your branches from a single point or authorize your employees to do so.

Forget printing and designing costs

With Alfred, you don't waste time or pay high prices for printing and updating menus. Your updates appear on your menu instantly.

Remove borders with foreign language support

Expand your customer network by presenting your menu and content to your guests in their own language on Allfred.

User friendly design

Allfred ensures that you present your products in an organized, clear, and impressive way. With its special design for smartphones, it offers an easy-to-use experience for both your business and your guests.

Update the prices collectively

You can collectively increase or decrease the prices of your products for each category.

Highlight the products you want.

By defining tags such as "New, Vegan, Vegetarian" etc., you can highlight the products you choose and direct your guests to these products.

Create campaigns

You can easily create special campaigns for your business and present them to your guests.

Customize with themes

By using your corporate logo and colours, you can change your menu according to the style of your business and make a difference with theme options.

Contactless and hygienic use

Allfred is contactless and hygienic, unlike the worn-out classic menus that pass around. You can say goodbye to the wear and hygiene problems of classic menus.

Stop worrying

Display menu views with daily, weekly and monthly charts.

Allfred QR Menu

Unlimited items

Unlimited item images

Unlimited categories

Unlimited campaigns

Unlimited campaign images

Unlimited events

Unlimited event images

Unlimited employees

Çalışanlara yetki verme

Product search feature

Foreign language support

Creating multiple companies and branches

Collective price updates

Daily, weekly and monthly reporting

Theme customisation

Product tags


Allfred is free for the first month!

Apply now, create your menu easily and use Allfred free of charge for the first month.


*1-month free trail - no credit card required.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do to set up Alfred?

All you need to do to set up Allfred is to register!

How can I register on Allfred?

You can register by pressing 'Allfred' at the top of the page.

How can I create my QR Menu?

After registering and logging in, you can create your QR menu by pressing ’Create New Business'.

Do my customers need to download any app to access the menu?

All your customers have to do is scan your QR code. No separate application is required.

How can I generate my QR Code?

You can download your QR Code ready from 'QR Generator'.

Does the QR code change in menu updates?

Your QR code does not change in operations such as adding, updating, and deleting menus.

Is it possible to make menu edits as often as I want?

Yes, you can edit the menu as often as you want.

Will I pay a fee for product, price, content etc. changes?

No, you can make unlimited edits at no additional cost.